Wellspring Steeple
Wellspring Steeple
Vital statistics
Element Water
Tower No. 3
No. of Floors 6
No. of Chains 2
No. of Chests 4
Rare Item Permafrost
Time Found Night [21:00-03:00]
Enemies Fish
Previous Tower Next Tower
Sheerdrop Spire Crimson Keep
Page 26

The column of water found on one of the highest floors.

The Wellspring Steeple is the third Tower that Aeron visits, unlocked after defeating the Master of the Sheerdrop Spire. Its God is the God of water, and therefore the Tower has a water theme.

One of the key parts of this Tower is the giant waterwheel you encounter shortly after entering. The waterwheel is not active, but you can see little logs sticking out of it with chains wrapped around them which you can grapple to with the Oraclos Chain. On a higher floor there are 2 levers which must be turned on to start the water flow, which makes the waterwheel turn. This allows you to get to a higher level by grappling one of the logs and waiting untill you're at the top to grapple and swing off.

On another floor there is a large central pillar of water which flows upwards, and although nothing stops it from flowing into the rest of the room, water does not leave the pillar. Inside the pillar, there are fast, shark-like fish which can only be defeated by grappling them out of the water before attacking them or using the Oraclos Chain. There are also rocks floating around inside, rising up before falling again. You can grapple to these, and that is how you reach the Master's chamber.

There is a weapon found on the third floor of this tower in a chest; the Twinblades.



Wellspring Symbol

The symbol of the God of Wellspring Steeple.


See Master of the Wellspring Steeple

Master of Wellspring Steeple

Official Art of the Master of Wellspring Steeple.