Pandoras Tower Wiki

The Twinblades, a weapon found in the third tower that has great speed.

While you start the game with the Athosian Sword, there are a number of weapons which can be found throughout the Towers. All the weapons are different; some are fast, some have a longer range, some are more powerful. You can only ever have one weapon equipped, but you will always be able to use the Oraclos Chain.

Here is a list of the weapons and where they are obtained:


All of the weapons you get through the game (other than the Oraclos Chain) can be upgraded by talking to Mavda and giving her the required ingredients. These upgrades are clasified by level, but instead of having to do them in order you can upgrade the weapon in the order you want (i.e. you can upgrade to Sword level 7 before Sword level 3). The only difference lies in the amount of power added to the weapon

Additionally, each weapon gains new attacks when you have upgraded it three, six and ten times.

The level of your weapon has increased, so you'll be able to make more charged attacks - In game message