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The Vestra are a tribe of travelling merchants. They have a special power. They can control the chains of destiny, the invisible ties that bind people together.

Mavda is of this tribe, and she demonstrates these powers after Elena eats her first piece of beast flesh. She does a ceremony for the Oraclos Chain, where it rose up and glowed gold. She tells them after this of the powers of the Vestra and says that she connected the Oraclos Chain with Elena, meaning Aeron will always be connected to her.


Over 500 years ago, the Vestra had their own realm. They were working together with 4 other realms in the War of Unification: Athos, Elyria, Certes and Thena.

Near the end of the war, around 12 years before the Unified Era, they began to look into the Masters with the Elders of Aios. After seeking approval of their plan to unite the Gods from the King of Elyria, they began working with the Elders to create the Thirteen Masters who would unite the Gods and Goddesses of Aios, bringing an end to the war and peace to the land. However, after successfully creating the first twelve Masters from Vessels, they began Experiment Zero, which ended in failure.

After the war ended, in the year 2 of the Unified Era, the King of Elyria removed the land of the Vestra, absorbing it into Elyria and forcing the Vestra to become travelling merchants.

End of the War of Independence[]

These events only occur in the "S" Ending of the game.

The War of Independence ended after Aeron destroyed Zeron, the essence of the curse, and Mavda closed The Scar. With the curse destroyed and the Scar removed from the wastelands of Okanos, the King of Elyria granted the Vestra some land, allowing them to rebuild their own country. For the first time in half a millenium, Imperia was divided into 10 countries.