Truegold Tower
Truegold Tower
Vital statistics
Element Metal
Tower No. 10
No. of Floors 6
No. of Chains 4
No. of Chests 2
Rare Item Steel ingot
Time Found Night
Enemies  ???
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Blazing Citadel Dawn Tower

The Truegold Tower is the last of the five Towers accessible after defeating the Master of the Ironclad Turret. Its Goddess is the Goddess of metal, meaning that the Tower has a lot of Metal in it. It has a similar layout to Ironclad Turret. It was full of gold, and thieves inhabited the Tower. Most of them ended up getting lost in the twists and turns of the Tower, before getting caught.

In this Tower there are the pulley lifts like the ones encountered in the Ironclad Turret, as well as the giant hammer things in the forge. However, some of these hammers aren't locked in by the sticky orange stuff and some of them don't work at all. These ones must be pulled out by grappling the bar at one end of them and pulling, before latching them to something else to keep them extended long enough for you to get to where you wanted to go.

Aegis steel can be received as a Reward from Mavda for selling 200 Leots worth of Flesh from this Tower in one go to her



Truegold Symbol

The symbol of the Goddess of the Truegold Tower.


See Master of the Truegold Tower

Master of Truegold Tower

Official Art of the Master of Truegold Turret.