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Top 10 Lists are something I thought would be important in building a thriving community here on Pandoras Tower Wiki, so I have created a few, but will be creating more in the future. Feel free to vote on each and every Top 10 List if you so wish. If you aren't sure what they are (and the name doesn't offer any explanation) then it is best to just go ahead and try it out. Feel free to make your own and add it here, preferably with a date, signature and short description. Not in that order, as you can see below. Jake!

  • Hardest Master Battle-Who's the most difficult Master to defeat? Jake! 22/4/12 (Aussie time format, American: 4/22/12)
  • Hardest Tower-Which Tower did you find the most difficult to navigate? The hardest to find the chains? The strongest enemies? Jake! 3/6/12 ( ^ same, Amercian: 6/3/12)
  • Favourite Bomb-What bomb do you think helps the most? (Ignore the fact that Explosive ore and Detonation ore aren't technically bombs, they're close enough.) Jake! 11/7/12