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The Thirteen Masters or simply the Masters are essentially the bosses of Pandora's Tower. There are thirteen of them, and one resides at the top of each of the Thirteen Towers. They are huge creatures, and eating their hearts is the only complete cure for the Beast's Curse .


There are multiple ways to defeat each Master, and strategies of defending against one's attacks. Usually, much of the battle against them will mainly involve the Oraclos Chain. Each time you defeat a Master, a little bit of the Oraclos Chain's power is restored, lengthening the Chain bar at the bottom of the screen, below the Health bar.

Original Masters[]

The orginal Masters were created over 500 years ago. During the war, the followers of Aios decided to try and end the war that was ravaging the land by uniting the Gods. They would do this by creating 12 Masters, each with the powers of one of the 12 laws. They would then create a 13th, who would bring all the Gods and Goddesses together and uniting them.

To do all of this, they asked for the tribe of the Vestra's help, and then found human vessels who would give up their lives for the sake of the end of the war.

After successfully creating the first 12 Masters, they proceeded to the final Master, which was to be created from a man and a woman. Light and Dark, man and woman, they wished to bring all the elements together, which is why it must be created from both. The vessels chosen for this final Master were Ruben's mother and father. However, this final experiment, called Experiment Zero, failed.

After this, the tribe of the Vestra sealed away the Masters, and the Towers were closed, while the Vestra stayed to watch over them.

Living Weapons[]

When the war between Elyria and the three Kingdoms of Athos, Certes and Thena began 50 years ago, the Elyrian army began carefully studying ancient texts from 460 years ago which told of the powers possessed by the Masters. They said that the creation of these Masters was only possible with the cooperation of the tribe of the Vestra.

The Masters were created as a sort of living weapon by the Elyrian army half a century ago for the war. The Towers were used by the Elyrian army to create experimental weapons from living things, these being the Masters. These Masters were based on the original Masters made over 5 centuries ago. The final Master, or the final experiment, failed once again, just like the first time, causing the Cataclysm to tear apart the land, creating The Scar.