Sheerdrop Spire
Sheerdrop Spire
Vital statistics
Element Earth
Tower No. 2
No. of Floors 6
No. of Chains 2
No. of Chests 3
Rare Item Fire ore


Time Found Night [21:00-03:00]
Enemies Bat


Previous Tower Next Tower
Treetop Tower Wellspring Steeple

The Sheerdrop Spire is the second tower in Aeron’s journey, unlocked after the Master of the Treetop Tower is defeated. It looks like an ancient temple with crystals growing through it. It has a rich supply of ores within the structure of the Tower as well as pale porous clay so it was adapted to be a mining facility. This tower worships the God of Earth, which is why it has so many rocks and minerals in it.

The Elyrian army used this tower to mine for ore and study the rocks. Some of the ores that are in the walls can be grappled, pulled out of the wall and thrown. They will stick in certain surfaces, allowing you to use your Oraclos Chain to climb up.

For the first time an enemy will be able to grab a weapon. It takes a sword, and while you can take it off it, he can take it again. Throughout your adventure in the tower Aeron will learn how to bind two opponents together with the Oraclos Chain, and how to grapple and throw enemies or things with the chain.

This Tower has two chains which must be broken to enter the Master's chamber.



Sheerdrop Symbol

The symbol of the God of Sheerdrop Spire.


See Master of the Sheerdrop Spire

Master of Sheerdrop Spire

The Master of Sheerdrop Spire.