Rare liquid metal. Highly toxic, it should be handled with care.
Vital statistics
Type Material
Effects N/A
Source Found throughout the Towers
Bought from Mavda
Cost to buy 1500
Sell price 150
Mercury is a rare item used frequently in Creation and upgrading weapons. According to an in game text, Mercury used to be extremely common and fairly worthless. It says that somehow it became very rare and valuable over time.

It can also be received as a Reward from Mavda for selling 150 Leots worth of Flesh from the Treetop Tower in one go to her.

Yanking at the monsters in Truegold Tower might reward you with mercury


Methods of Creation Needed
Method 1

7x Strange grains

Method 2

3x Silver coins

1x Nymph water

3x Lump of metal

Method 3

1x Gold coins

1x Nymph water

1x Lump of metal

Method 4

3x Dawn chorus

2x Bodily fluid

Method 5

3x Setting sun

2x Bodily fluid

Method 6

2x Rainbow scale

1x Bodily fluid


Item Method Amount
Panacea Method 2 x4
Vestran water Method 1 x3
Ambrosia Method 1 x1
Sage stone Method 1 x1
Fortifica Method 1 x1
Vitalium Method 1 x1
Mobilium Method 1 x1
Adamantia Method 1 x1
Umbrarium Method 1 x1
Leather vest Method 1 x1
Scale tunic Method 1 x1
Chainmail tunic Method 1 x1
Power stone Method 1 x2
Power stone Method 2 x1
Guard stone Method 1 x2
Guard stone Method 2 x1
Blast stone Method 1 x1
Dark matter Method 1 x1
Spirit silver Method 1 x1
Chaos robe Method 1 x1
Crystal ore Method 1 x1
Abyss ingot Method 1 x1
Lump of metal Method 1 x1
Goddess tears Method 1 x1
Gleaming amber Method 1 x1
Tanned leather Method 1 x1
Steel ingot Method 1 x1
Sage stone Method 2 x5
Lump of metal Method 2 x1
Permafrost Method 1 x1
Aegis steel Method 1 x1
Diamond Method 2 x1


Method Amount
Sword: 1 x1
Sword: 2 x1
Sword: 3 x2
Sword: 4 x1
Sword: 5 x1
Sword: 7 x1
Sword: 9 x2
Twinblades: 1 x1
Twinblades: 4 x1
Twinblades: 7 x1
Twinblades: 8 x1
Twinblades: 9 x1
Scythe: 1 x1
Scythe: 2 x1
Scythe: 4 x1
Scythe: 5 x1
Scythe: 7 x1
Scythe: 8 x1
Stake: 1 x1
Stake: 2 x1
Stake: 3 x1
Stake: 4 x1
Stake: 9 x1