Medicinal moss
Medicinal Moss
Nutrient-rich moss that will soothe weary muscles.
Vital statistics
Type Use (Medicine)
Effects Cures the effects of Sap
Elena will make you some Homemade salve
Source Found throughout the Towers
Cost to buy N/A
Sell price 10
Using this item cures the effects of sap. If you gift this item to Elena she will make some homemade salve out of it for you.

"Ah! This is medicinal moss, isn't it? Shall I make some medicine for you? You might as well take some with you just in case. I'll let you know when it's ready."


Methods of Creation Needed
Method 1

1x Dryad berry

3x Nymph water


Item Method Amount
Elixir Method 1 x2
Elixir Method 2 x1
Remedy Method 1 x3
Panacea Method 1 x2
Panacea Method 2 x4
Vitalium Method 1 x4
Vitalium Method 2 x2
Medicine Method 2 x1