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Mavda, a Vestra who carries her husband around on her back.
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Nationality Tribe of the Vestra
Age Unknown
Eye Colour Yellow
Hair Colour Unknown (probably gray)
EN Voice Actor Ann Beach
JP Voice Actor Ikuko Tani

Mavda (グライアイ Graiai) is a female character of the Vestra tribe who helps Aeron and Elena after she is cursed at the Harvest Festival. She is a mysterious old lady who carries her husband around on her back. She takes the couple to the Observatory to escape the Elyrian army who are searching for them. On the way she tells them of the Beast's Curse which has befallen Elena. At the Observatory she tells them of the only cure and gives Aeron the Oraclos Chain, a tool of her people.

After Aeron returns to Elena with the first piece of Beast flesh, Mavda holds a ceremony for the Oraclos Chain. She takes a bit of Elena's hair and begins the ceremony. She makes the Oraclos Chain rise high up into the sky and glow gold, while she combines Elena's hair with it. The whole time she is muttering, but after it is completed she tells them about the ceremony. She says that her tribe, the Vestra, have a special power. They can control the chains of destiny, the invisible ties which bind people together. Now the Oraclos Chain, and therefore Aeron, is connected with Elena.

At the Observatory you can buy, sell, upgrade, create, repair and ask her for information about the Towers by calling her out of her room. After certain points she adds more items for you to buy (for example she adds Red Drape and Blue drape to her inventory after you defeat the first Master). After completing each tower, by talking to her she will give you a document to read.

She later reveals that her job is to bring the cursed ones to the Observatory, where they could either be saved or otherwise finally transform into a Master for a Tower. No one has ever been saved yet.

Beast Flesh Rewards[]

See Reward

Mavda's husband[]

  • The strange creature Mavda carries in a pot on her back is her husband. According to Mavda, he was a dashing man in the past, but an accident involving a pot turned him into the present oddity.
  • He is only able to make mumbling and gurgling sounds. Only Mavda can understand him.
  • He is the one who repairs, creates, and upgrades the items and weapons. Apparently, he does so by using his... mouth.
  • He will reveal the secrets of his pot if one answers this simple question : "$%*§?"
  • His abilities as an alchemist provide clues to his unfortunate transformation: He probably was mixing and fusing items and inadvertently fell into the pot.