Master of the Treetop Tower

The Master of the Treetop Tower (Hade Cyclops) is a tall, bipedal enemy with grass, moss, or some other plant covering most of his body which is made of roots and branches. He ignores you and continues to walk around when you enter the room. However, as soon as you attack he will begin to fight back.

Battle and AttacksEdit

  • The Master taking damage.
  • The Master gets angry.
  • Master summoning spikes
  • The master's jump attack
  • The Master's "Vine hammer"
  • The Master's "Spike Roots Stomp"
  • The Master, trying to get back his flesh
  • The defeated Master, dissolving into nothingness
This is a fairly easy Master. The best way to defeat him is to simply use the Oraclos Chain to grapple his Master Flesh on his head and pull, yanking back as soon as the Chain bar turns gold. He isn't very fast, so repeating this while moving left and right to avoid his attacks should be enough to defeat him. When it performs its attacks, the creatures shows three glowing blue organs, two on its arms and one in its belly. Ripping them will cripple the creature leaving it open for damage.

Vine Hammer: Its main attack is simply to slam the ground with a giant vine coming out of one of his hands. The attack is rather easy to avoid, however it would be a more effective tactic to rip out the blue, glowing organs in its arm, that are revealed whenever he uses this attack.

Spike Roots Barrier: When Aeron is too close to the Master, the creature will raise its arms and then summon a set of giant wood spikes around him to protect himself. Best way to avoid it is to run away or simply dodge back from him.

Spike Roots Stomp: When the creature stomps the ground, a large number of roots will come towards Aeron. If they reach him they will become a circle of wooden spikes, just like the one from the "barrier" attack. To avoid this attack it's best to run away from the roots for a while, getting out of their path. It's possible to cancel this attack by ripping out the blue organ in its belly.

Jump Stomp: When enraged, the Master will start to perform huge leaps towards Aeron. To avoid being stomped all there is to do is to dodge back or simply run away from the creature before it reaches the ground. About half of the time when it lands, it will immediately summon the giant root barrier.