Large bone
Large Bone
A large bone that boosts its bearer's attacking prowess.
Vital statistics
Type Equipment
Effects Increase strength by 2

Decrease defence by 20%

Source Found throughout the Towers
Cost to buy N/A
Sell price 8
Description A broken bone that barely serves to boost attacking prowess.
Effect Attack +1, defence -20%
Sell price 1
Repair cost 20
This piece of equipment takes up three slots, 3x1.


Methods of Creation Needed
Method 1

1x Bodily fluid

2x Crystal ore

1x Nymph water


Item Method Amount
Defang bomb Method 1 x1
Bodily fluid Method 1 x1
Strange grains Method 2 x2
Gleaming amber Method 2 x1
Oil Method 3 x2


Method Amount
Scythe: 1 x1
Scythe: 2 x1
Scythe: 3 x2
Scythe: 4 x1
Scythe: 6 x2
Scythe: 8 x1