Ironclad Turret
Ironclad Turret
Vital statistics
Element Metal
Tower No. 5
No. of Floors 6
No. of Chains 3
No. of Chests 4
Rare Item Abyss ingot
Time Found Night [21:00-03:00]
Enemies  ???
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Crimson Keep Arcadian Tower
Ironclad Turret is the 5th Tower Aeron must climb, unlocked after defeating the Master of the Crimson Keep. Its God is the God of metal, and so there is a lot of metal around. It is basically a large forge which the Elyrian Army used to make weapons for the war.

In this Tower there are lots of "Lifts" (as an in-game text calls them) which move around on tracks that run along the walls and ceilings. You can grapple to these, so they allow you to cross large gaps and change level. You can change the direction or path of these by hitting a switch.

In a large room higher up, there is a machine which has large platformed pistons which move from one side of the room to the other. However, upon entering the room they will all be stuck by an orange sticky substance which is growing on the walls and ceiling as well. You can remove this substance by hitting it with your Oraclos Chain twice.

You will receive the Military Scythe weapon in here on the second floor.



Ironclad Symbol

The symbol of the God of Ironclad Turret.


See Master of the Ironclad Turret

Master of Ironclad Turret

Official Art of the Master of the Ironclad Turret.