Imperia Map

A map of Imperia, as seen in the Official Artbook.

Imperia is the continent where Pandora's Tower is set, although most of the game is actually in Okanos. The land was divided into 10 Kingdoms, or countries, including Elyria, Athos, Certes and Thena. However, there are only 9 now because the Vestra had their land taken off them. A war between Athos, Certes and Thena against all the other Kingdoms of Imperia had been going on for at least 60 years. However, it finally ended, just 2 years ago.

In the far east of Elyria lie the wastelands known as Okanos. Deep within these wastelands is a vast rift known as "The Scar". Suspended above the fathomless valley of The Scar are the Thirteen Towers, which are connected together to make a fortress. These towers are connected by 12 chains to the land around the Scar, and they are the only thing holding the land together.