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Elena while singing at the Harvest Festival, just before the Curse befell her.

The Harvest Festival is a festival which was held in the year 511 to commemorate 50 years of rule by the current king of Elyria in the capital city Helycon. People came from all over Elyria to worship the gods of Aios.

Elena was chosen to sing at the Harvest Festival, but while she was singing the Beast's Curse fell upon her, transforming her into a beast. She destroyed part of one of the city walls because the soldiers were shooting at her.

Then she ran off before Aeron, who had been watching in the crowd, could catch up to her. He eventually found her lying on the ground in her human form, being watched by Mavda. They escaped the city and fled far away, since the Elyrian army was searching for them. Elena had no recollection of the events at the festival after she transformed.

Later on, there are fears in the group that the War of Independence, which had finally calmed down a little after so long, could start full force again. The Elyrians blamed Athos for the incident, since Aeron was seen escaping with Elena, and said that it was a plot to kill their Monarch. They are planning a retaliation against Athos.