Guard stone
Guard Stone
Brimming with an indomitable power, it steels the will of its bearer.
Vital statistics
Type Equipment
Effects Increases defence by 1 when equipped.
Source Found throughout the Towers
Cost to buy N/A
Sell price 100
Description A guard stone that has been broken, it no longer has any special properties.
Effect None
Sell price 10
Repair cost 250
A Guard Stone is a piece of equipment which raises your defence when equipped. It takes up 2 spaces. You can buy it from Mavda, although it is quite commonly found throughout the Towers. On the equipped item screen it looks like a green hexagon, similar to a rupee (out of The Legend of Zelda). It has a red counterpart of the same shape, the Power stone, which increases attack instead of defense.

It can also be received as a Reward from Mavda for selling 100 Leots worth of Flesh from the Crimson Keep in one go to her.


Methods of Creation Needed
Method 1

2x Mercury

3x Amethyst

Method 2

1x Mercury

1x Gleaming amber


Item Method No. Needed
Bulwark band Method 1 x3
Spur band Method 1 x2
Skill band Method 1 x2