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Goddess tears
Goddess Tears.png
Dazzling drops of dew, they counter corrosive toxins.
Vital statistics
Type Equipment
Effects Prevent corrosion.
Source Found in the Torrent Peak, but only in the morning
Cost to buy N/A
Sell price 350
Description Dirty goddess tears that have lost any special properties.
Effect N/A
Sell price 35
Repair cost 875

Goddess tears is the Rare Item found in Torrent Peak, and it can only be found in the morning, between 03:00 and 09:00.

If given to Elena, she will say that it will help with her cooking... but it's a joke.


Methods for Creation Needed
Method 1

4x Nymph water

2x Amethyst

1x Mercury

Method 2

3x Permafrost

1x Gleaming amber

1x Nymph water


Item Method Amount
Ambrosia Method 1 x1
Spirit tunic Method 1 x2
Crystal shard Method 1 x1
Okanos stone Method 1 x1


Method Amount
Twinblades: 7 x1