Pandoras Tower Wiki

Gifts are items which can be given to Elena in the Observatory. Giving her gifts will change the Affinity level, as well as have some other effects. Some gifts she will like, and these raise the affinity. Other items (such as Beast fang) she won't like, and she won't accept these. These will lower the affinity, often by a much larger amount than any gift will raise the Affinity. By giving her certain items, she can do something for you. For example, giving Elena a Leather belt will cause her to sew it onto your bag, increasing the maximum capacity of it (only the first time). Or, by giving her a Dryad berry, she will bake you a Homemade cake.

Certain gifts cause alterations in the Observatory.

Item Name Change
Pure tealeaves Sometimes Elena will be sit at the dining table drinking tea at 15:00.
Flower Seeds Elena will plant a flower garden outside. You can give her the seeds five times, with the garden growing bigger each time. These flowers will die if you let Elena transform too far.
Potted dryad Elena will place the plants in various places in the Living Area, such as by the sofa or on the bedside table.
Potted geranium
Flowering plant
Red drape When you give her the item she will ask you if you want her to make a tablecloth or bed covers out of it. The appearance alters depending on which drape you gave her.
Blue drape
Tangled drape
Cat's-eye drape
White rug She will lay the rug out on the first floor.
Red rug
Indigo rug
Certan carpet
Accessories (Bracelets and Necklaces, as well as Aeron's Equipment) She will wear them.
Blue garb Elena's costume changes.
Green garb
Formal dress
Noble garb
Ancient clock Elena will decorate the room with them.
Rustic painting
Glass vase