Flower seeds
Flower Seeds
A bag of mixed flower seeds. It would make an ideal gift.
Vital statistics
Type Gift
Effects Elena sows them in a garden in front of the Observatory.
Source Mavda
Cost to buy 250
Sell price 25

Flower seeds are a gift that you can give to Elena. She will sow them in the ground in a little garden area out the front of the Observatory. After a while they will grow flowers in the garden. That can take several days, so they will only bloom after you went to and returned from the towers a few times. She will only sow about 5 flower seeds, however, for after that there will be no room left.

These flowers die when the ground dies; this only happens if you take too long to return to Elena to give her the Master Flesh. Therefore, you will have to buy her more flower seeds.


If Elena does not transform for a while after the flowers started to bloom, she'll notice that some of the seeds were actually vegetable seeds and she'll say Aeron has to eat them as punishment.

When asked where the seeds come from you can answer with:

"I don't know."


"The wind blew them here."