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The emblem of Elyria. It can be seen on the banners at the Harvest Festival. A text also mentions that the emblem of Elyria is a lion's head.

Elyria is the Kingdom in which the events of Pandora's Tower take place. It is located on the continent of Imperia. Elyria is lush and green, and most of the people here are farmers. However, there are no ores in the ground of Elyria, so the Elyrians must import their ore from other Kingdoms. It is the homeland of Elena.

Every year the people hold an Harvest Festival in the Capital City of Helycon. The people of this Kingdom are followers of the religion Aios.

The king of Elyria has prohibited anyone from entering Okanos, so none of the general population of Elyria even know about The Scar.

Even though the war against Athos, Certes and Thena is over, the king has closed the borders, meaning no one can enter or leave Elyria.

Elyrians believe that butteflies represent people's souls. They believe that the souls of the dead are transformed into butterflies and fly to the land of the dead. Elena tells Aeron this shortly after she receives the Butterfly charm.


  • In the Japanese version of the game, the kingdom is called Elysium. In Ancient Greek mythology, Elysium was the paradise that heroes, mortals related to the Gods, and simply righteous men, lived their afterlife.
    • The Orchestra which played the theme for the game, Catenae Fortunae (Dies Irae), had a very similar name: the Elysuim Philharmonic Orchestra. This possibly added to the reasons it was named this.