Dusk Tower
Vital statistics
Element Dark
Tower No. 12
No. of Floors 5
No. of Chains 4 (4 chains in the Dawn Tower also must be broken before the Master fight)
No. of Chests 2
Rare Item Possibly dark matter
Time Found Night
Enemies Dark Knight
Previous Tower Next Tower
Dawn Tower Centrum

The Dusk Tower is the twelfth Tower, unlocked at the same time as the Dawn Tower after giving Elena the tenth Master flesh. The Dawn Tower and the Dusk Tower form the Blacklight Barbican, which guards the Centrum. The Goddess of the Dusk Tower is the Goddess of dark.

The Dawn Tower and the Dusk Tower must be completed together. There are portals in each Tower which, when stepped into, will transport you to the corresponding portal in the other Tower. These portals will be the colour of the other Tower; the portals in the Dusk Tower are yellow/white, for the Dawn Tower is the light Tower. Some of these portals are not fully powered, and therefore neither of the pair can be used. Both portals must be active to use them. A portal can be activated by using a light stone on a light portal or a shade stone on a dark portal. On the other hand, if you wish to close a portal you can use the opposite stone on a portal; a dark stone on a light portal, for example.

There is a kind of purple ivy growing on the walls in this Tower, and in that dark, poisonous-looking ivy can be found dark stones, which are required to complete the Blacklight Barbican.

There is an enemy unique to the Dusk Tower, which has a similar form in the Dawn Tower. This enemy is a red, evil-looking warrior which wields a blood-red sword. It hovers around, throwing its sword with great force. It will also use the sword if you get too close. A text in the game says that it, along with its light counter-part, are the most dangerous enemies in the Blacklight Barbican. In my opinion this one seems, if not is, stronger.

The two Towers have very similar layouts, with the chain rooms in the same places. However, while a chain room may be accessible one way in one Tower, you may have to find a different way entirely to reach it in the other Tower. A bridge may be broken in one Tower while complete in the other.

The Master's chamber, on the 5th floor, is blocked by 4 chains; however, the four chains in the Dawn Tower must also be destroyed to begin the fight.


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