Dryad berry
Dryad Berry
Commonly found nutritious berry, it boosts health very slightly.
Vital statistics
Type Use
Effects Restores a small amount of health
Elena will make Homemade cakes for you
Source Found in the Towers
Bought from Mavda
Cost to buy 40
Sell price 4
Description Crushed dryad berry without any nutritional value.
Effect Restores a miniscule amount of health.
Sell price 1
Repair cost 10
This item slightly restores HP when eaten. The first two times you give this as a gift to Elena she will make you a cake.

"Oh, some dryad berries... I know a really good cake recipe that uses these berries. Want to try? Hmm? How does it taste? Well... It's quite tart and sweet. It really cleanses the palate."


Item Method Amount
Medicine Method 1 x1
Elixir Method 1 x2
Elixir Method 2 x1
Panacea Method 1 x3
Medicinal moss Method 1 x1
Panacea Method 2 x4
Ambrosia Method 1 x5
Nymph water Method 1 x2