Crystal ore
Crystal Ore
Common ore that can be easily worked and used to make weapons.
Vital statistics
Type Material
Effects N/A
Source Found throughout the Towers
Bought from Mavda
Cost to buy 80
Sell price 8
A common ore that is found in every tower. Due to its adaptability it can be used for crafting other items or to upgrade weapons.


Method of Creation Needed
Method 1

3x Sticky mud

1x Mercury

Method 2

2x Sticky mud

1x Permafrost


Item Method Amount
Sage stone Method 1 x1
Explosive ore Method 1 x1
Paralysis bomb Method 1 x1
Corrosion bomb Method 1 x1
Sap bomb Method 1 x1
Defang bomb Method 1 x1
Inferno bomb Method 1 x1
Shade stone Method 1 x3
Light stone Method 1 x3
Strongarm band Method 1 x1
Bulwark band Method 1 x1
Blast stone Method 1 x3
Poison bomb Method 1 x1
Lump of metal Method 1 x1
Inferno bomb Method 2 x1
Diamond Method 1 x3
Phoenix stone Method 1 x1
Sage stone Method 2 x1
Lump of metal Method 2 x3
Lump of metal Method 3 x1
Amethyst Method 1 x1
Large bone Method 1 x2
Beast fang Method 1 x1
Gleaming amber Method 2 x1
Sticky mud Method 1 x3
Amulet Method 1 x1
Amethyst Method 2 x5
Shard of divinity Method 1 x1


Method Amount
Sword: 2 x1
Sword: 3 x2
Sword: 6 x2
Sword: 9 x2
Twinblades: 2 x1
Twinblades: 4 x1
Stake: 1 x1
Stake: 4 x1