Crimson Keep
Crimson Keep
Vital statistics
Element Fire
Tower No. 4
No. of Floors 5
No. of Chains 2
No. of Chests 3
Rare Item Sacred ashes
Time Found Night [21:00-03:00]
Enemies Microbeast
Red beast
Previous Tower Next Tower
Wellspring Steeple Ironclad Turret

The Crimson Keep is the fourth Tower which Aeron must climb, unlocked after defeating the Master of the Wellspring Steeple. Its God is the God of fire, meaning the Tower has a fire theme.

There is fire everywhere here. There is lava which you must avoid falling into, much like water. There are fire traps which are walls of fire. These walls can be switched off for a small amount of time by pulling on a lever, but they will reactivate soon enough. There are Moths which will set you on fire on contact, causing the Inferno? status.

Another notable aspect of this Tower is the dark rooms. Some of the rooms are pitch black, making it impossible to see anything other than your immediate area and the doors, which have lit lanterns next to them. There are other unlit lanterns which can be lit by throwing a coal from a flaming pile at them, which will light up more of the area.



Crimson Symbol

The symbol of the God of Crimson Keep.


See Master of the Crimson Keep

Master of Crimson Keep

Official Art of the Master of Crimson Keep.