Vital statistics
Element All
Tower No. 13
No. of Floors 4
Enemies Zeron (Master of the Centrum)
Previous Tower
Dusk Tower

The Centrum (万象の塔 Banshou no Tou) is the center Tower of the Thirteen Towers, often referred to as the Fulcrum of the Thirteen Towers. It is different to the other Towers in that it doesn't have an element and it doesn't actually have any Monsters or puzzles. It is accessed through either of two doors in the room on the top floor of the Blacklight Barbican where you fought the Masters of the Blacklight Barbican. There are staircases around the outside which you climb up, with one floor where you cross the actual inside of the Tower.

There is a giant bell in this Tower, and this is the bell which can be heard at times when you're in the other Towers. Mavda tells you that this bell has rung at the same time ever since the Towers were created. It rings at midnight and midday.

On the 3rd floor there is an area in the middle which you will cross through from one side of the Tower to the other, before continuing up more stairs. A checkpoint exists on the other side of it. In the middle of the floor is the symbol of the curse, which is revealed to be Zeron's symbol very soon. In the very center of the floor the old wood can be found.

On the 4th Floor, the top one, you will encounter the Thirteenth Master. This floor is very lush and green. However, the Centrum can only be visited at all in the best three Endings (B, A and S).


  • In the Japanese version, the Centrum is called 万象の塔 (Banshou no Tou), that means Tower of Banshou in English. Banshou means all nature, all creation and so on.
    • This is likely referring to the balance between all the elements, as this is the middle tower belonging to the Master meant to unify the elements.