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Many of the Enemies have this symbol somewhere on them. No idea why, although it is vaguely similar to the curse mark.

Servant Beasts are the common monsters that infest the Thirteen Towers. It is suggested, but not outright stated, that the Elyrian army created the servant beasts to use in the war alongside the Masters (the term "experiment" was used for the Ritual that transformed the men and women into Masters and Mavda talks about experiments with all kinds of animals but lions. The emblem that is found on most enemies could be a sign of the Elyrian army). They range in size from very small to larger than Aeron.

At night, there will be more enemies and some will be different or stronger compared to the daytime enemies. However, some enemies will be sleeping when you enter a room (as indicated by some bubbles above their head) allowing you to sneak up on them or go through the room without fighting. They will wake up if you move too close, however.

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