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The pages in this category are items. Items are found in your Bag. These items are divided into categories; Equipment, Use, Materials, Flesh, Gifts and Broken. A Broken Item will have a different name and effect to the original item, but it doesn't have its own page. The effect is simply weakened and the picture has a crack in it. However, broken gifts cannot be given to Elena.

Some items fit into two different categories, usually Equipment/ Use and Materials. Except for Flesh, Items can be transferred to the Trunk in the Observatory so that you have more room to put more items in your Bag.

Items can be obtained in a number of ways. They can be bought from (and sold to) Mavda, created by using the right Materials, and they can be found throughout the Towers in Chests, boxes and collected from defeated enemies. However, Elena will sometimes give you an item when you give her a certain gift or when the Affinity is increased, along with one or two other rare occasions. Items can also be dropped by birds in the Courtyard and on the Roof during the day. Another way to receive items is by the Reward system. By selling Mavda a certain amount of Flesh from a particular Tower, she will give you a Reward, which is often a Gift.

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