Blazing Citadel
Blazing Citadel
Vital statistics
Element Fire
Tower No. 9
No. of Floors 5
No. of Chains 3
No. of Chests 2
Rare Item Explosive powder
Time Found Night
Enemies  ???
Previous Tower Next Tower
Torrent Peak Truegold Tower

The Blazing Citadel is one of the 5 Towers accessible after defeating the Master of the Ironclad Turret. Its Goddess is the Goddess of fire, so like the Crimson Keep it is filled with fire traps and lava. It has a similar layout to that Tower too.

One of the first rooms in this Tower is pitch black, just like some of the rooms in the Crimson Keep. You can light lanterns with burning rocks from the fire piles upstairs and by throwing the moths at them. Later on in the Tower is another room filled with lava, but instead of fire traps deactivated by pulling the lever, there are stepping stones here. These stepping stones will rise out of the lava for a short time, before sinking back down again. It requires careful timing to jump across.

The Master's chamber in this Tower is blocked by three chains.



Blazing Symbol

The symbol of the Goddess of Blazing Citadel.


See Master of the Blazing Citadel

Master of Blazing Citadel

Official Art of the Master of Blazing Citadel.