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Athos is a Kingdom in Imperia. It is the Kingdom which Aeron comes from. Athos is a powerful northern state, with an army that is the envy of others. The Kingdom's colour is red.

A painting of an Athosian town.

The land in Athos is rich in mineral resources, making mining a major industry. However, the barren soil and cold climate mean agriculture is not developed much, making it far from being a self-sufficient land. A view of an Athosian village can be seen in the Rustic painting.

For years it has been at war with Elyria, in the War of Independence, but that war finally ended two years ago. However, there are still some skirmishes going on and Elyria could start the war again, since they blame Athos for the events at the Harvest Festival, saying that it was a plot to kill the monarch and some of the higher officials which failed.