The Artbook is a 32-page book that came with the European Limited Edition and the Australian game if you preordered it. It includes official artwork of some enemies, the first 10 Masters, the main characters and some other things, such as a map of Imperia. It also includes some information on these first 10 Towers and the main characters, as well as some writing about the production of the game.

I have taken scans of the pages in the book. They are rather large images and not very high-quality scans, I'm afraid.

  • The front cover of the Artbook.
  • The first half of the map, found in the front and back of the book.
  • The second half of the map, found in the front and back of the Artbook.
  • Aeron at the entrance to the Treetop Tower.
  • The Thirteen Towers.
  • The symbols of the game. The bottom 2 rows represent the gods of Aios while the top row represents the following, from the left; Aeron, Mavda, Elyria, Elena and Monsters.
  • The back cover of the official Artbook.

All images Copyright of Nintendo and Ganbarion.