Arcadian Tower
Arcadian Tower
Vital statistics
Element Wood
Tower No. 6
No. of Floors 4
No. of Chains 3
No. of Chests 3
Rare Item Setting sun
Time Found Evening/Sunset [15:00-21:00]
Enemies  ???
Previous Tower Next Tower
Ironclad Turret Rockshard Rampart

The Arcadian Tower is one of the 5 Towers unlocked after defeating the Master of the Ironclad Turret, so it can be anywhere between the 6th and 10th Tower completed; it's your choice. It is the first Tower on the list to have a goddess instead of a god, representing that it is the Tower of the dark side of Wood, its element. The Elyrian army used it to grow plants for medicine.

There are many of those spiky bushes first seen in the Treetop Tower here, but unlike that first Tower, there are a number of those Mother plants which must be defeated to remove them all. 2 of the doors to the rooms containing the Chains are guided by these Thorny bushes.

On the top 2 levels, there are some plants which will explode if you come near them. They can be picked up and thrown with the Oraclos Chain. There is one of those Mother plants which can only be defeated by throwing them at it, since it is too far away to grapple. It has to be defeated to enter one of the Chain rooms. The corridor to the Master's chamber is filled with these.



Arcadian Symbol

The symbol of the Goddess of the Arcadian Tower.


See Master of the Arcadian Tower

Master of Arcadian Tower

Official Art of the Master of Arcadian Tower.